Neurophony Flex Cap

Neurophony Flex Cap

In 2016, Ria (Co-Founder and CEO) experienced the devastating loss of her older sister due to a rare brain infection. This heartbreak made her acutely aware of the gaps in medical science in India, particularly concerning the brain, one of the most vital parts of our body.

Determined to make a difference, Ria embarked on a mission to advance brain health awareness and technology. Along with her husband, Bhavya Madan, she founded their company. Ria’s background in Integrated Circuit Design from Singapore and Germany, combined with Bhavya’s expertise in Embedded Systems and neuroscience from Germany, enabled them to merge neurofeedback and meditation.
Their shared vision is to raise awareness about brain health with Neuphony, a Brain Wearable EEG Device. They aim to eliminate stigmas and foster a healthier future. Additionally, they provide a platform for researchers and developers to create brain-computer interface applications, driving innovation in the field.

Together, Ria and Bhavya are committed to making significant strides in brain health and technology, ensuring a better tomorrow for all.

  • Experience the pinnacle of EEG technology with our EEG cap, featuring exceptional signal quality and dry, flexible electrodes. This advanced device integrates seamlessly with EEG brain scan systems, providing accurate EEG monitoring for neurofeedback training. It’s a state-of-the-art biofeedback device that offers a step into the realm of mind control, enabling users to train and understand their brain’s activities with unparalleled precision.
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    Cap for EEG monitoring and neurofeedback training
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