Jung-Woo Ha

Jung-Woo Ha

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a new era beyond a technology. Advancement of machine learning, in particular, deep learning, has created many new products and services which provide new values and happiness to people, including AI-speakers, autonomous vehicles, and so on. As the head of NAVER AI LAB, I hope that our efforts on AI research make people happier. AI for Everyone! 

Research Interests 

  • Machine learning / Deep learning / Artificial intelligence: general-purpose, self-supervised, continual learning, graph representation learning, lightweight, perception & semantics, and data-centric approaches 
  • Computer vision: transformer-based CV, classification, backbone architecture, detection, high-quality generation, I2I translation, etc. 
  • Natural language processing: large-scale LM, embedding, semantic representation, Q&A, dialog modeling, NLU, etc. 
  • Audio signal modeling: large-scale ASR, speech-to-text, spoken language understanding, text-to-speech, speech style transfer, speech enhancement, musical signal modeling, etc.


  • BS (2004. 2): Computer Science, Seoul National University 
  • PhD (2015. 2): Computer Science, Seoul National University (Outstanding PhD dissertation award) 


2003.12 ~ 2006.01: SW Engineer, Samsung SDS 

2008.05 ~ 2015.12: System administrator, College of Engineering, Seoul National University 

2012.8 ~ 2013.12: Lecturer, Seoul National University of Education 

2015.3 ~ 2016.12: Research Scientist & Tech Lead, NAVER LABS 

2016.10 ~ 2017. 5: PM & Leader, CLOVA Music, NAVER & LINE. 

2017.1 ~ 2020.2: Research Head of Clova AI, NAVER & LINE 

2020.3 ~ 2020.9: Research Head of Clova AI (Executive director), NAVER 

2020.10 ~ present: Head, NAVER CLOVA AI LAB 

2021.5 ~ present: Co-Director, SNU-NAVER Hyperscale AI Center 

2021.5 ~ present: Co-Director, KAIST-NAVER Hypercreative AI Center 

2021.10 ~ present: Coordination Chair, NAVER AI Tech Committee 

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    Executive Director & Head of NAVER Cloud AI lab
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