Jonghyun Woo 

Jonghyun Woo 

Jonghyun is a serial entrepreneur who has developed human-oriented technologies that help people maintain a balance with new technologies, including AI.

He pursues the development of neutral technologies that prevent people from overly relying on technology and losing their autonomy without excessively wasting computing resources due to convenience. Rather than automation, he advocates for user-participatory technology, where users engage actively to achieve more excellent utility from appropriate ICT technologies and resources.

His notable technologies becoming international standards include a passwordless technology (X.1280), where online services submit an automatic password to the user, and the user verifies the service on their smartphone instead of users inputting passwords and services verifying them. Another is storage protection technology (X.1220), which prevents stored data from being stolen or encrypted even if the user accidentally runs ransomware or data-stealing malware. There is also out-of-band physical authentication technology (X.oob-pacs), which verifies whether a robot or facility in front of the user is genuine before allowing usage.

He has established the Passwordless Alliance in Geneva with the aim of eliminating passwords for all online services worldwide, which is distributing free passwordless software. 




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