Fadwa Saad AlBawardi

Fadwa Saad AlBawardi

Ms. Fadwa Saad AlBawardi, is a Saudi Arabian Entrepreneur who have established her own Consultancy office to provide consulting services in Digital Transformation, data, AI & its strategies.

Ms. AlBawardi is a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional, as well as an IT/Performance Management Senior Consultant, with more than 21+ years of working experience.

Moreover, Ms. AlBawardi is a public speaker in several national and international conferences, including United Nations IGF2023 in Japan.   In addition, she is an Author who have participated in writing several technical international publications. She is a USA Today Bestselling Author and also a weekly Columnist, with 150+ articles, in KSA digital journals.    Ms. AlBawardi has earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University, USA, in 2003, as well as 2 certifications in Strategic Planning.   She is a certified trainer as well as an Elsevier reviewer for international technical research papers and articles

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    Fadwa AlBawardi Consulting Office
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    Founder & CEO

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