Bryan Talebi

Bryan Talebi

Bryan was born in a tiny village with no running water and no electricity, in the southeastern desert of Iran. He began his career working as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA at the age of 16. Subsequently, he started his first company while in college, and sold his second company in his late twenties.

More recently, Bryan was a manager at ZocDoc and helped that organization achieve unicorn status. He then worked at a series of early stage technology companies as an executive, and enabled those companies to achieve profitability or exits.Currently, Bryan runs Ahura AI, an artificial intelligence and biometric data company that has created technology that enables people to learn 3x-5x faster than traditional education.

They have a partnership with Harvard and have enterprise clients, including Apple.For every license they sell to corporates, Ahura AI provides free licenses to members of underserved communities globally: people in Africa, women in slums in India, women in favelas in Brazil, and people in refugee camps in Syria, Turkey, and Norway.Bryan also runs two non-profits and an AI Venture Studio.

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  • Organization
    Ahura AI
  • Profession
    CEO and Co-founder

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