Unlocking the symphony of birds: Merlin Sound ID

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Unlocking the symphony of birds: Merlin Sound ID

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  • Join us for a presentation on Merlin Sound ID, a cutting-edge machine learning system that brings the magic of bird identification to life on your mobile device in real-time. With a simple tap, your phone’s microphone becomes a gateway to the symphony of nature’s voices, as Sound ID reveals the hidden identities of avian artists in your surroundings. This AI for Good discussion will delve into the critical components of this application, including the data underpinning it, the annotation processes, and an overview of our training protocols. We also explore our benchmarking procedures and ongoing efforts to enhance performance. With a global user base numbering in the millions, we are not only achieving our initial goal of connecting people with their neighborhood birds but also extending the utility of Sound ID as a versatile monitoring tool. We are excited to share our vision for expanding Sound ID’s role in soundscape analysis and its potential to advance our scientific understanding of avian species through large-scale acoustic investigations. During our presentation, we will cover preliminary results and insights from these ongoing efforts. Join Grant van Horn (Cornell University / University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and Eliot Miller (Cornell University) in their mission to harness technology for the betterment of biodiversity conservation on a global scale. 


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