(Summit Replay) Electronic skin for interactive intelligent systems

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(Summit Replay) Electronic skin for interactive intelligent systems

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  • This is a summit replay of the session that took place on the Robotics Stage during the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland from 6 to 7 July, 2023.

    Miniaturization-based advances in electronics on planar and stiff substrates have revolutionized computing and communication during the last half century. However, several emerging applications and interactive systems (e.g., robots, wearables, and future vehicles, etc.) require intelligent sensors and electronics embedded in soft and squishy materials and in flexible form factors. These requirements call for new transformative methods to realize electronics on substrates such as plastic, paper and elastomers. This talk will present some of the recent technologies (e.g., the hybrid integration of the off-the-shelf electronics, printed micro/nanostructures-based CMOS electronics, and ultra-thin chips, etc.) and how they lead to tactile interfaces such as electronic skin for various intelligent interactive systems. Electronic skin is the key enabler for advances in emerging fields such as wearables, touch or haptics based augmented reality systems and healthcare technologies. This talk will discuss these future directions.

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