Fourth ITU/WMO/UNEP Meeting on AI for Natural Disaster Management

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Fourth ITU/WMO/UNEP Meeting on AI for Natural Disaster Management

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  • Natural disasters are responsible for countless injuries, mortalities, displacements, damages to property (including cultural heritage) and infrastructure, and disturbances to nature and natural resources. Between 2005 and 2015, natural disasters impacted 1.5 billion people in various ways (700,000 lives were lost, 1.4 million injuries were suffered, and 23 million were left homeless), and it has been shown that these natural disasters were predominantly hydrometeorological in origin. The situation is particularly acute in small island developing states (SIDS) and least developed countries (LDC), and for vulnerable populations.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance our understanding of natural disasters and support disaster relief/early warning. However, AI is not yet part of the modus operandi in natural disaster management. Therefore, the ​Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management (FG-AI4NDM) capitalizes on the growing interest and novelty of AI in the field of natural disaster management to help lay the groundwork for best practices in the use of AI for: assisting with data collection and handling, improving modelling across spatiotemporal scales, and providing effective communication.

    To achieve these objectives, ​FG-AI4NDM will develop a community of engaged stakeholders and experts and build on past progress made by ITU in this domain.

    Participation in the Focus Group is open to all interested stakeholders — to sign up, please join our mailing-list​​ to receive regular updates.

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