Creating trustworthy AI for weather and climate

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Creating trustworthy AI for weather and climate

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  • In this talk, Professor McGovern will be providing an overview of the work of the NSF AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography (AI2ES) on creating trustworthy AI for a wide variety of weather and climate phenomena.  AI2ES is working synergistically to create trustworthy AI and to understand what the nature of trust is in AI-based prediction methods.  Our goal is to create trustworthy AI that improves our understanding, prediction, and communication of high-impact weather phenomena, and to thereby improve humanity’s resilience to a changing climate.  We are also developing novel approaches to workforce development and broadening participation with the goal of creating a more diverse workforce trained in AI for environmental sciences broadly. 


    This live event includes a 15-minute networking event hosted on the AI for Good Neural Network. This is your opportunity to ask questions, interact with the panelists and participants and build connections with the AI for Good community.

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