Convergence of AI and Telecommunications Technologies

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Convergence of AI and Telecommunications Technologies

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  • The utilization of AI is rapidly advancing in the telecommunications research.  

    O-RAN RIC and AI RAN Alliance are two major such activities as promoted by industries. 

    In Japan, major telecommunication companies are putting forth R&D of AI and communications. 

    Rakuten and NTT DOCOMO are cooperating in O-RAN RIC and Softbank is promoting AI-RAN Alliance, and KDDI has led national projects on AI funded by Ministries. 

    In academia, RISING (a cross-sectional research group on superintelligence networking) has been launched in 2019 and is working on the academic science of AI integrated telecommunications. AI/ML Challenge in ITU has been promoted by RISING community. 

    We expect a lot of use cases of AI/ML applied in telecommunications such as  

    – Fault prediction, fault detection, and automatic repair 

    – Traffic prediction and control 

    – Communication demand prediction for low power consumption 

    – Frequency dynamic allocation 

    – Edge AI computing (sharing computing resources between mobile communication and AI inference functions) 

    – AI optimization of wireless layer advanced signal processing (channel estimation, signal interpolation, etc.) 

    – Inter-Cell Coordination (distributed MIMO, CA, etc.) 

    – AI-based modulation and demodulation (AI-Native Air-Interface) 

    – Fusion of communications and sensing (JCAS) 

    – Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. 

    In this presentation, we will overview the global trend in Convergence of AI and Telecommunications Technologies. 

    Also we introduce our research activities at the University of Tokyo and discuss the importance of international standardization efforts and industry academia collaborations in this new scientific field. 

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