2023 ITU GeoAI Challenge: Estimating Soil Parameters from Hyperspectral Images

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2023 ITU GeoAI Challenge: Estimating Soil Parameters from Hyperspectral Images

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  • The ITU GeoAI Challenge aims to provide a platform for collaboratively addressing real-world geospatial problems by applying artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   

    The objective of this challenge is to advance the state of the art for soil parameter retrieval from hyperspectral data in view of the upcoming Intuition-1 mission.  Intuition-1 is a 6U-class satellite mission designed by KP Labs to observe the Earth using a hyperspectral instrument and an on-board computing unit capable of processing data using artificial intelligence in orbit. It will be the world’s first satellite with a processing power capable of advanced processing of hyperspectral images in orbit. 

    This Challenge is curated by ESA Φ-lab together with KP Labs, and partner QZ Solutions,   

    The best teams from the 2023 competition will showcase their solutions be awarded​ during this session and receive certificates to recognize their outstanding performance.    


    11:00-11:05 Introductory remarks on the 2023 ITU GeoAI Challenge (ITU)  

    11:05-11:20 Remarks from hosts of the 2023 GeoAI HyperView Competition (ESA Φ-lab, KP Labs)  

    11:20-11:50 Best solution pitches by Teams 

    11:50-11:55 Award announcements: prizes and certificates (ESA Φ-lab, KP Labs)  

    11:55-12:00 Outlook-The GeoAI Competition in 2024 (ESA Φ-lab, KP Labs, ITU)  

    Estimating Soil Parameters from Hyperspectral Images Prizes;

    1. enigmatic – Winner (1st place) Prize: 500 CHF – Jacob Ojumu
    2. JuliusFx – Runner-up (2nd place) Prize: 300 CHF – Julius Mwangi
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