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“We need to set the rules on how we can develop this technology and enable different people and countries to utilize the power of generative AI models” – A conversation with Ebtesam Almazrouei from TII

Artificial Intelligence | Global Summit | Interview

by Alexandra Bustos Iliescu


The field of AI has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, revolutionizing various sectors and presenting opportunities for positive impact. At the AI for Good Global Summit, we had the privilege to interview Ebtesam Almazrouei, the acting Chief AI Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute. As the leader of the AI cross-center unit, she spearheads AI initiatives with a focus on enabling sectors such as energy, food, and agriculture through advanced technology. In this article, we delve into the insightful conversation with Ebtesam Almazrouei and explore how AI is being utilized for good, the importance of open-source collaboration, and the encouragement of creative minds in the field.

According to Ebtesam Almazrouei, the Technology Innovation Institute, a subsidiary of the Advanced Technology Research Council, aims to bridge the gap between research and technology implementation.

“We are focusing on enabling different sectors from energy, food, agriculture with our advanced technology,” she states.

With over 100 collaborations with institutes and industries, their primary objective is to bring research to a technology readiness level 4 and beyond. They prioritize delivering proof of concepts and minimum viable products for different clients, ensuring that cutting-edge research translates into tangible solutions.

Utilizing AI for Positive Impact

Ebtesam Almazrouei has divided her team’s focus into five main pillars within the AI cross-center unit.

“One of them is generative AI model, and the other one is perception sensing humanoid reports. The third one is advancement towards explainable AI, and the fourth one is connected intelligence and data analytics. The fifth one, which is the core one, is AI for good,” she explains.

She highlights the significance of studying ethical AI and contributing advancements to humanity. By dedicating resources to AI for good, the Technology Innovation Institute ensures that AI’s potential is harnessed responsibly for the betterment of society.

Ebtesam Almazrouei shares two significant breakthroughs developed by her center. She states, “One of the main breakthroughs that we developed in my center is the largest NLB model, which has been released in early 2022, and the other one is Falcon 40b.” These breakthrough AI models have been released to democratize AI and empower individuals to utilize their power.

“We want to ensure democratized AI and empower everyone with the generative AI model,” Almazrouei explains.

The Importance of International Collaboration and Guidelines

When discussing international collaboration, Almazrouei emphasizes the need for collaboration among industry leaders, scientists, researchers, and policymakers.

“We need to set the rules on how we can develop this technology and enable different people and countries to utilize the power of generative AI models,” she states.

By fostering global collaboration and establishing guidelines, the Technology Innovation Institute aims to ensure the responsible development and widespread adoption of AI technologies. This approach promotes a fair and inclusive AI landscape internationally.

To encourage creative minds, the Technology Innovation Institute recently released a call for proposals, providing access to the Falcon 40b model.

“Maybe they are researchers, scientists in different institutes or SME entrepreneurs who don’t have the right funds, who don’t have the right resources. So come and submit your idea, and we will help you in funding this project,” Almazrouei states.

The call for proposals aims to bridge the gap and support creative individuals with promising projects by offering necessary funding and resources.

The AI for Good Global Summit serves as a platform to bring together experts, innovators, and policymakers to discuss and shape the future of AI for positive impact. Ebtesam Almazrouei, the acting Chief AI Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute, is at the forefront of driving AI initiatives and ensuring responsible and inclusive AI development. Through their collaborative approach, breakthrough AI models, and emphasis on ethics, the Technology Innovation Institute is making significant strides in leveraging AI for the betterment of society. By encouraging the participation of creative minds and fostering international collaboration, they empower individuals and communities to utilize the power of AI to address global challenges. The journey towards AI for good continues, and the Technology Innovation Institute stands as a beacon of progress and innovation in this transformative field.

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