Terah Lyons

Terah Lyons

Terah Lyons is the Founding Executive Director of the Partnership on AI (PAI), a multi-stakeholder non-profit initiative focused on advancing the benefits and addressing the challenges of machine intelligence co-founded in 2016 by a coalition of technology companies, civil society organizations, and academic experts. Today, the Partnership is a global community of over 100 organizations spanning diverse sectors and disciplines, working to build capacity across the field for responsible AI development and deployment.

Prior to PAI, Terah was a Policy Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) during the Obama Administration. In her capacity at the White House, Terah led a policy portfolio focused on machine intelligence, including AI, robotics, and intelligent transportation systems. In her work at OSTP, she helped establish and direct the White House Future of Artificial Intelligence Initiative, oversaw robotics policy and regulatory matters, led the Administration’s work from the White House on civil and commercial unmanned aircraft systems/drone integration into the U.S. airspace system, and advised on Federal automated vehicles policy. She also advised on issues related to diversity and inclusion in the technology industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Terah currently sits on the Study Panel for Stanford’s One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100), and on the Steering Committee of the AI Index hosted at Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute.

Previously, Terah was a Mozilla Foundation Technology Policy Fellow, and a Fellow with the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She worked with David Gergen at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Center for Public Leadership examining leadership and U.S. politics, and with journalist Amy Kaslow working to chronicle domestic and international economic reconstruction, poverty, and contemporary conflict and genocide. She is a graduate of Harvard University, and was formerly on the Board of Directors of the Harvard University Alumni Association.

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    The Partnership on AI (PAI)
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    Founding Executive Director