Tajh Taylor

Tajh Taylor

Tajh L. Taylor is a data and engineering leader with 20+ years of experience in a variety of fields. At the Wikimedia Foundation, Tajh leads teams in machine learning, research & decision science, and data and software engineering platforms.  Prior to joining the Wikimedia Foundation, Tajh led the technology team at Catalist, a progressive data utility focused on voter registration and participation analytics. Other past experiences include geostationary weather satellite data processing, document archive digitization, biomedical research, and ASIC design verification.


In his spare time, Tajh enjoys playing jazz and classical piano, making barbecue, and teaching his kids random facts of nature.


First computer: Commodore 64

Favorite Wikipedia page: Unsolved problems in physics

Favorite Wikimedia image: Observable universe logarithmic map by Pablo Carlos Budassi

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  • Organization
    Wikimedia Foundation
  • Profession
    Vice President, Data Science and Engineering

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