Steven Ramage

Steven Ramage

As a passionate advocate for amplifying underrepresented voices and connecting organizations with purpose, my raison d’être is to create a positive impact on a global scale. With nearly 30 years of experience in developing communities worldwide, I have held leadership positions in organizations that have impacted millions of lives and generated or underpinned billions of dollars’ worth of investments based on location or geospatial data, tools, and services (including Earth observations). Today, I am dedicated to using this knowledge and experience to help protect and future-proof nature and climate.

Throughout my career, I have held diverse positions, including an owner and Director of a software development company, Executive Director of a global open standards development body, Managing Director (and founder) of an international consulting firm for a national government, and most recently, Chief Engagement Officer for an intergovernmental organization working with over 100 countries. I have participated in a management buyout, served on the board of a startup valued at over $500m, and advised organisations of various sizes. My understanding of science, technology, policy, and business, combined with my entrepreneurial spirit, enables me to make meaningful contributions across a range of sectors.

I have engaged directly with numerous organizations, including agencies of the United Nations, the World Bank, space agencies and many others, on a range of issues, including biodiversity, climate change, disaster risk reduction, land degradation, and sustainable urbanization. I am also committed to supporting youth activities, particularly early-career and local capacity development, and have worked with Indigenous and marginalized communities, such as informal settlements. My mentoring program has now reached over 200 individuals, mainly young(er) geospatial professionals from low and middle-income countries.

Have engaged with academia over many years via guest lectures on geospatial topics, serving as a Visiting Lecturer on sustainability, and as a Fellow on big data. Currently, I am a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Future Cities at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve also delivered keynotes and plenary talks at UNEA, at COP26 (and others) and at global industry events.

With over 25 years of experience, knowledge, capability, enthusiasm, and energy, I bring a valuable perspective, as well as business and community development opportunities to our clients and partners.
You can also connect with me on Twitter @steven_ramage

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