Smart Robot Dog

Smart Robot Dog

The Smart Dog Robot, a mobile app-controlled robot dog, stands as the quintessential companion for children of all ages, blending entertainment with educational support in a seamless, engaging manner. It not only converses, answering questions and telling stories with a humorous voice, but also engages children with games, songs, and fairy tales, offering a relaxing break from schoolwork.

Additionally, the robot assists with homework by reading through its camera or analyzing images from the app, making it a valuable educational ally for elementary and middle school students. This feature helps children review and complete their assignments more efficiently.

Interacting with the Smart Dog Robot also fosters essential skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity, contributing to a child’s overall development. As a holiday gift, the Smart Dog Robot promises not only joy but also supports learning and growth, making it a cherished companion for any child.

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    Research Institute of Creative Education
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    Meet children’s newest companion
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