Prem Ramaswami

Prem Ramaswami

Prem Ramaswami is a product management leader focused on the intersection of technology and wide-scale social impact. He currently leads Data Commons, an open-source project aiming to make all the world’s public data universally accessible and useful. Its goal is to empower every person to become a data-based decision-maker.  

Prem previously led Sidewalk Labs building products to radically improve the quality of urban life for all, leading the Alphabet company back into Google. Before that, he led Google Search’s Social Impact projects in the domains of Health, Civics, Education, Arts & Culture, Crisis Response, and Social Good.  

Prem holds a degree in Computer & Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Prem developed and taught an introductory course on Product Management at Harvard, Stanford, Sequoia’s startup school, and numerous other venues.  

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    Director of Product Management, Data Commons
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