Katerina Klinova

Katerina Klinova

Katya Klinova is the Head of Data and AI Initiatives at the UN Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab. In this role, she oversees UN-led public private partnerships advancing broad access to socially beneficial AI uses globally.

Prior to that, Katya served as Acting Director of Research and Programs and the Head of the labor and economy portfolio of programs at the Partnership on AI (PAI). She founded and led a number of PAI flagship programs, including the AI and Shared Prosperity Initiative (https://partnershiponai.org/shared-prosperity) and Responsible Data Enrichment (https://partnershiponai.org/responsible-sourcing).

Katya’s graduate research at Harvard focused on examining the potential impact of AI advancement on the economic growth prospects of low- and middle-income countries. Prior to that she worked at Google on the design and execution of product growth strategies for Google’s early AI-enabled products.

Katya holds a Master’s in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University, and a Master’s of Science in Networks and Data Science jointly awarded by the University of Reading, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Carlos III University Madrid, where she was an Erasmus Mundus Scholar.

Katya’s work and commentary have been published by ACM/AAAI, Oxford University Press, MIT Technology Review, the OECD, WIRED, Business Insider, Al Jazeera, and others. She is a frequent speaker at events hosted by Brookings, Bruegel, Institute for New Economic Thinking, the Economist, OECD, and many others.

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  • Organization
    UN Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab
  • Profession
    Head, Data Insights for Social and Humanitarian Action

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