Karen S. Rommelfanger

Karen S. Rommelfanger

Dr. Karen S. Rommelfanger is a neurotech ethicist and strategist. She is founder and director of the Institute of Neuroethics, the first think tank wholly dedicated to neuroethics. Her lab, the Neuroethics and Neurotech Innovation Collaboratory explores how evolving neuroscience challenges societal definitions of disease and wellness, cross-cultural neuroethics, and cross-sectoral neuroethics policy. Her boutique consultancy Ningen Neuroethics Co-Lab works specifically on applied neuroethics and strategy. Dr. Rommelfanger maintains a professorship in Emory University’s Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She received her PhD in neuroscience and postdoctoral training in neuroscience, neural engineering, and neuroethics. Her scholarship has been published in high impact journals such as NatureNeuron, and PNAS and she co-edited the Routledge Handbook of Neuroethics. She serves as the first neuroethicist editor at Neuron, served as senior editor of the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience and executive board member of the International Neuroethics Society. In recognition of her neuroethics stewardship in the neuroscience community, she was appointed to the National Institute of Health (NIH) BRAIN Initiative Neuroethics Working Group and DARPA’s ELSI Neurotechnology Panel. She has consulted for the OECD’s implementation guidance for the first international standard in responsible innovation for neurotechnology and served as rapporteur for the Council of Europe to assess proposal for novel neurorights. Dedicated to cross-cultural work in neuroethics, she co-chaired of the Global Neuroethics Workgroup of the International Brain Initiative, a consortium of large-scale national-level brain research projects and served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council. She is a frequent contributor and commentator in national and international media on neuroethics strategy, neurotech innovation, and policy. 


NNIC: https://neuroethicslab.com 

IoNx:  https://instituteofneuroethics.org  

Ningen: https://ningenstrategy.com  

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