Joaquim Barris

Joaquim Barris

Joaquim Barris assumed the role of Statistician at the Mitigation division at UNFCCC in 2014. In this position, he oversees the development and integration of data services, guiding the division’s data strategy.

With a robust background in data science, Joaquim has made significant contributions to different fields. Educated globally, he holds multiple degrees, including a PhD from Barcelona Tech.

Throughout his career, Joaquim has demonstrated a keen ability to lead the development of advanced data-driven decision-making processes. His work at the UNFCCC, coupled with his previous experiences in the private sector, underscores his commitment to leveraging data analytics for impactful solutions.

Since 2020, Joaquim Barris has also led multiple initiatives in artificial intelligence at the UNFCCC, focusing on deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) techniques, and, more recently, on large language models (LLM). His innovative approach to integrating AI into the organization’s data ecosystem has enhanced the UNFCCC’s ability to improve and accelerate several processes under the umbrella of AI diplomacy.

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