The name “Jasper” comes from the Persian word for “bringer of treasure.” And we chose the name because we feel that describes exactly what we hope to achieve. Every day, we hope to bring you something special. Something unforgettable. Something precious.

For the planet, for the community, for you.

Jasper’s building something special. Something bigger than the food we make. We want to make eating good convenient without compromising sustainability.

Nearly 45% of all municipal waste is food packaging. Plastics, glass, metals, styrofoam, wax, and cardboard, every take out order and trip to the grocery inevitably ends adding to our already overcrowded landfills. This is something we can overcome one meal at a time, together.

When you dine with us, you’re not just a customer. You’re a contributor. Every time you let Jasper cook for you, you’re helping to keep food packaging out of our landfills. We believe in a way to get quality meals delivered without contributing to the environmental crisis. We’ve invested in high-quality, sealable dishware designed to be reused hundreds of times.

Every time you return your dishes to your delivery person, at our drop-off locations, or directly to our Jean-Talon location, you’ve helped us keep 2.5L of non-recyclable food waste from ending up in a landfill. On behalf of the planet, the community, our team: thank you.

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