Ernst Noorman

Ernst Noorman

Ambassador Ernst Noorman has a long career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as within other ministries. Before taking up his new position as Ambassador at Large for Cyber Affairs one and a half month ago, he has served the past 13 years as ambassador for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Burkina Faso, Suriname, Afghanistan, and Colombia respectively.  

Before that he worked amongst others at the Ministry of Finance in the Euroteam, responsible for the introduction of the euro in the Netherlands, and for the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations, where he was responsible for the financial negotiations leading to the constitutional changes of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

As a junior diplomat he has served in India and Tanzania. 

Ambassador Noorman obtained his master’s degree in economics at the University of Amsterdam, the city where he was born and presently is living with his wife.   


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  • Organization
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Profession
    Ambassador at Large for Cyber Affairs

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