Claudia Reinprecht

Claudia Reinprecht

Claudia Reinprecht has served in the Austrian Foreign Ministry since March 2004. After diplomatic postings in Vienna, Brussels, Amman, Hong Kong & Macao and Paris (UNESCO), Ms. Reinprecht has served as Deputy Director and head of division responsible for all external dimensions for transport and connectivity, telecommunications, digital, tech and innovation diplomacy since September 2022.  

She is the focal point of the Austrian MFA in digital and tech diplomacy, covering the broad range of issues on digital and tech cooperation on the global level, inter alia at UNESCO (AI, quantum, digital/ internet governance) the UN in Geneva (ITU, UNCTAD/CSTD) and New York (Global Digital Compact, UN Tech Envoy), EU (digital diplomacy/external dimensions of digital diplomacy), the OECD (Global Tech Forum) and Council of Europe (Convention on AI) level. Furthermore, Ms Reinprecht serves Austria’s focal point for the EU Digital Diplomacy Network and is in charge for the coordination within the federal government of Austria of the EU connectivity initiative “Global Gateway”. She is also the representative of the Austrian MFA in the Austrian advisory board on networks and telecommunications security, established inter alia to advise on the implementation of the EU 5 G toolbox for cyber security; and in the Austrian AI Policy Forum, an inter-ministerial body tasked with the supervision of the implementation of Austria’s national strategy on AI. She has been appointed as an advisory member of the Advisory Council on Ethics of AI, established by the Austrian National Commission to advise on the implementation of UNESCO’s recommendation on the ethics of AI. She has founded the national committee on Futures Literacy and Foresight in Austria, together with the Austrian Ministry of Science.  

Having studied in Salzburg/Austria and Salamanca/Spain, Ambassador Reinprecht acquired a masters and PhD degree in law. Prior to her entry into the Austrian diplomatic service, she had specialized in international public law, international criminal law and refugee law. In addition, she acquired a General Executive MBA-post-graduate degree from the Austrian Business School LIMAK in Linz in 2013. 

During her diplomatic career, she has worked on a broad range of issues ranging from multilateral work with international organizations, in particular the United Nations, including on human rights, international humanitarian law and minority rights issues, EU and economic relations to European third countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as with the EFTA/EEA, and to international justice and home affairs, including fight against human trafficking, terrorism and organized crime.  






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