ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge —” Applying Knowledge Graph and Digital Twin Technologies to Smart Optical Network”

This presentation involves two technologies: digital twins and knowledge graph in optical network. The digital twins not only connect the physical layer and the data layer but also carries multiple optical performance parameter engines to realize the optical network virtualization. Knowledge graph integrates multi-dimensional knowledge, leads decision-making with knowledge, to realizes interpretable decision-making results. In future, it will connect several FiberHome smart platforms such as digital twins, intelligent training platform, C-ONE, knowledge graph, etc. from the aspects of fault tracing, performance degradation, traffic prediction, network security, etc., to realize intelligent operation and maintenance of optical network.

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    Advanced Research Department, Network Business Unit
    China Information and Communication Technologies Group Corporation (CICT)
    Anran Xu has been engaged in the field of artificial intelligence for many years and has rich overseas exchange and learning experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. She has wide project experience of applying artificial intelligent technologies to different areas, such as musical meta-creation, face segmentation and sensor calibration. Now, she is committed to combining optical network with artificial intelligence to build the intelligent optical network.


14 Aug 2020