The future of mobility: powering exoskeletons with AI

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The future of mobility: powering exoskeletons with AI

The Personal Exoskeleton is the first and only self-balancing exoskeleton designed for personal everyday use. After a decade in development, Wandercraft revealed the prototype for the Personal Exoskeleton at their keynote event in December 2023. The device is a completely self-balancing walking system designed to empower and restore freedom of motion for people with severe mobility impairments.

Constructed at the intersection of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and biomechanics, Wandercraft’s Personal Exoskeleton not only restores mobility but also includes dynamic-walking control and a fully powered hip-knee-ankle lower body, allowing for an industry-leading natural gait pattern.

Designed for use in the home and out in the community, the exoskeleton will be configured specifically for each user based on several measurements and include features and functionality that will ultimately serve a wide scope of patient needs. From a parent walking their child down the aisle to standing and shaking hands after a meeting, we are eager to restore users’ ability to participate in the full range of experiences that life has to offer.

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