Robotics aid in emergency scenarios: Simulating rescue missions and navigation

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Robotics aid in emergency scenarios: Simulating rescue missions and navigation

In this dynamic workshop, participants will step into the roles of humanitarian workers navigating a simulated rescue mission with the help of advanced robotics. Drawing inspiration from the real-life operations of organizations like the World Food Programme (WFP), attendees will use the mBot2 robot, provided by Makeblock to deliver vital supplies to a simulated refugee camp.

Faced with challenging terrain that includes minefields and various obstacles, and logistical difficulties, teams will need to retrieve essentials like food, medicine, and other critical items that have been airdropped nearby with mBot2 robot.

Participants will use their problem-solving skills and teamwork to strategize the retrieval and safe delivery of these dispersed supplies, navigating the harsh landscape, locating the items, and securely transporting them back to the camp.

This interactive session not only highlights the pivotal role of robotics in humanitarian initiatives but also gamifies the experience to enhance engagement. It fosters essential skills such as teamwork and critical thinking, while also building awareness of the technological solutions that can address humanitarian challenges. Each robot has a limited number of lives, adding an element of strategy and risk management to the mission; losing lives by stepping on a mine or colliding with obstacles requires careful navigation and programming. This setup ensures participants leave with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by communities in crisis and the innovative approaches that can alleviate these situations.

Language: English, French

Capacity: 20

Audience: 7+ years old

Organizer: Geneva Hub Global Shapers, Voyage Numérique

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