Navigating GeoAI: Plotting the course for future education

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Navigating GeoAI: Plotting the course for future education

GeoAI combines artificial intelligence, including deep learning and machine learning, with geospatial data to enhance understanding of the Earth and human interactions from local to global scales. This field utilizes diverse data sources like UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), satellite, GPS, and social media references, enabling advanced insights for Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite its importance, there’s a lack of standardized education in the geospatial sector. The AI For Good Summit in July 2023 highlighted the need for educational frameworks in GeoAI. Four international working groups developed key educational deliverables over the past year:

  1. A syllabus for developers with advanced computer skills but limited geomatics knowledge, focusing on geospatial concepts before specialized GeoAI training.
  2. A curriculum for geomatics experts to build foundational AI skills before delving into GeoAI specifics.
  3. A program for decision-makers with less technical background to understand GeoAI applications.
  4. A comprehensive Body of Knowledge in GeoAI, crucial for establishing a shared understanding and fostering collaboration among professionals in the field. This body of knowledge supports innovation, decision-making, and curriculum development in GeoAI.

The 2024 Summit will showcase progress made by these working groups, demonstrating advancements in GeoAI education and its applications for societal good.

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