How to bring AI into 5G radio access network

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How to bring AI into 5G radio access network

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  • With the global deployment and commercialization of the 5G network, Wireless big data and ML/AI are widely recognized as the essential element to drive 5G network intelligence evolution in order to deliver the necessary efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Significant progress and validation on the network operation and maintenance using ML/AI technologies have been made in 4G/5G networks. Various study on the network intelligence standardization from management to control planes, including use cases and requirements, AI functional framework, procedures and architecture have been actively explored. This talk will explore the journey of pursuing native RAN intelligence, from theory to preliminary practice validation. The AI/ML use cases in 5G network and some validations results will be shared followed by the standardization progress. Further, the challenges and gaps are shared based on the lessons learned from the practice so far.

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