A.I.V.I: 5 questions with Christian Mio Loclair

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A.I.V.I: 5 questions with Christian Mio Loclair

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  • Increasingly, multidisciplinary artists and creative technologists are guiding the bleeding edge of innovation, and establishing crucial new narratives for wider society. 

    In this 1st episode, Christian Mio Loclair will offer an intimate insight into his work — illustrating the technicality and methodology of his practice; his exemplary projects; and theoretical ideas which color and stretch our present day understanding of social and technological synergy. 

    WHAT IS A.I.V.I.? 

    The Artistic Intelligence Visionary Initiative (A.I.V.I) is an AI for Good initiative curated by R100Studios, seeking out the artists who create works that aid our understating of technology and guide our future relationships with innovation and culture. The initiative helps us illuminate and celebrate the role of the artistic expert in shaping our futures and cultivating practical new attitudes to research, communication and narrative. 

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