Christian Mio Loclair

Christian Mio Loclair

Christian Mio Loclair is a German artist who works at the interface of artistic and scientific research. Using custom algorithms, data and digital devices, Loclair creates sculptures, video works and installations to continuously portray the aesthetics and frictions of both human and digital identity.

In his work, Loclair explores the contrast between natural phenomenons and data-driven algorithms. On the one hand, his works examine the creative and societal potential of artificial intelligence, while, on the other hand, they reflect on the only supposedly opposing myth of man and machine.

Loclair focusses on novel aesthetic identities that derive from the interplay of mathematical and poetic research. This is not only reflected in his work, but also in his interdisciplinary development: in his practice, he combines and reflects his expertise and experience as a computer scientist, visual artist, choreographer and dancer.

Loclair studied computer science at the University of Potsdam and at the Hasso Plattner Institute, specialized in media technology and completed his studies in human-computer interaction. Loclair’s approach is always a mediating one, which matches his public lectures, including contributions to Palazzo delle Esposizioni (2021), EPFL Pavilion (2021), Le Pavillon Namur (2021), Goldsmith University (2020), Center Pompidou (2018/2020), Republica (2019), United Nations (2019) and Hong Kong Performing Arts Festival (2019). His works have been presented at the Today Art Museum (2019), ars electronica (2019), MCAM (2019), Center Pompidou (2018) and Design Museum London (2017). Christian Mio Loclair lives and works in Berlin.

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