Introducing the 5 breakthroughs teams and rules of the game

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Introducing the 5 breakthroughs teams and rules of the game

The world is changing dramatically as AI integrates into our society and work. To keep pace, it’s imperative we reimagine education for adults and youth of all backgrounds and cultures using the transformative power of AI responsibly.

Last year’s health breakthrough inspired the creation of the ITU-WHO Focus Group on AI 4 Health, this years’ track will expand upon this work and beyond, looking at the role that AI can play in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

The track brings together actors from around the world to ensure that AI is deployed in ways that promote peaceful inclusive societies, protect human rights, and enhance human dignity.

The track will create a “funnel”, which will help projects be 1. Defined, 2. Prototyped, 3. Deployed once, and finally 4. Deployed N times, for impact.

The track will identify projects that could be developed using AI and Space to help address issues on a local and global scale, such as predicting, preparing for, and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Aims of Track:

- Identify areas where there is a high potential for impact for AI in Space, for collective benefit and the potential partnerships and models that might enable progress

- Facilitate an open discussion on the barriers to deployment of AI tools, and begin thinking about what is needed to overcome them

- Find common agreement on requirements for data to enable beneficial AI in the Space sector

- Take the first steps towards agreeing broad principles around governance for AI and Space

- Identify selected projects or efforts that will spin-out of the track and begin to be realised

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