Airborne light fields for wildlife observation

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Airborne light fields for wildlife observation

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  • Intact ecosystems, such as forests, are equally important for animals and humans and represent the basis of life on our planet. The integrity of these ecosystems is worldwide at risk due to the impending climate catastrophe and the encroachment of humans on natural habitats. The maintenance and promotion of biodiversity is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. One important tool for this is comprehensive monitoring of wildlife in their natural habitats. In recent years, drones have been increasingly used for this purpose, often in conjunction with artificial intelligence. This talk will discuss the use of light-field technology with drones for wildlife observation. While imposing special demands on data collection and processing, light-field technology offers the possibility of precisely localizing animals in 3D and allows visualization of animals on the forest floor. The speaker will also put special emphasis on the ongoing research project BAMBI, which focuses on wildlife monitoring in Austrian forests. 


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