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World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Description of Activities on AI

Project 1: Concept for Exascale Computing, Data handling and AI for Earth System

AI and Exascale Computing offer great potential for improving our predictive skills in weather, climate and environment and the delivery of the information to society. WMO Research Board identified AI and Exascale Computing as highly relevant topics to weather, climate, water and environment. In this context, the Research Board organized initial inputs from its key stakeholders to develop a concept on Exascale and AI. At its meeting in April 2020, the Research Board reviewed the initial concept and decided to establish the Task Team on Exascale Computing, Data handling and AI to support in finalizing the concept and to coordinate and facilitate the activities in these topics.

Building on the concept initiated by the Research Board, the Task Team works closely with its stakeholders and partners on reviewing the existing efforts on Exascale and AI research within and outside WMO and identifying priority activities for international coordination that can contribute to accelerating efforts in the areas of weather, climate and environment and ensure the information and knowledge generated can be shared broadly. The team is advancing towards making proposals to the Research Board for specific activities including mechanisms for coordinating with WMO research programmes and two technical commissions.

In addition to the above activities of the Task Team, various activities on AI and Exascale are ongoing in WMO. The WMO Working Group on Numerical Experimentation has been working on Exascale and AI from model development perspective. It is planning its efforts in sharing approaches and findings. WMO World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) is pursuing Digital Earths activities towards the co-development of high-resolution Earth system modeling and exploitation of billions of observations with high-performance computing, big data and AI methodologies. WMO World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) has identified emerging technologies as one of the societal challenges to address. WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) is working on data fusion methods to be applied to related air-quality data.

Challenges and Opportunities


To ensure all the Members especially developing countries have access to high quality forecast products and information, To help fill the capacity gap between more and less developed countries with international coordination


To coordinate and facilitate international efforts in accelerating the areas of weather, climate, water and environment, To enhance collaboration between meteorology and computational science to co-design the system and applications

Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)