United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)


United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

Description of Activities on AI

Project 1: Monitoring and Achievement of SDG Targets

Space-related services to monitor and achieve SGDs targets. This is part of a broader effort to bring space-related services and products closer to the end-users, including States and United Nations entities, and raise awareness about the opportunities offered by space technologies to meet the global agendas.

Project 2: Technical session during the World Space Forum: The Benefits of Space for All

Over the past few years powerful new Artificial Intelligence tools have shown promise in the areas of disaster response, informal settlement detection, resilience planning and reducing uncertainty in climate prediction models. Despite the exciting potential, barriers to producing trusted insight are still substantial. This session was a unique opportunity to hear some case studies from AI4EO practitioners, from NVIDIA, Oxford University and Trillium Technologies, who provided an overview of state-of-art and shine a light on what is around the corner.

Project 3: Information session to Vienna based entities: Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation and the SDGs

Session organized by UNOOSA to raise awareness within Vienna-Based Organizations on the use of Artificial intelligence and Earth Observation.

Project 4: Brainstorming with UNOV/UNODC in the framework of the innovation group

Discussion on the application of Artificial Intelligence to specific projects in the remit of the innovation group in Vienna.

Project 5: UN-SPIDER

Creation of step-by-step workflows in GIS software, Python (Jupyter notebooks) and R scripts to download, process and visualize Earth observation data for monitoring and assessing droughts, floods, mudslides, burn severity after forest fires.

Project 6: AI and Climate Action Curriculum

Development of a curriculum module on the utilisation of space-based datasets for the development of AI applications on climate action, targeting girls in developing countries.

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