Ren Xianliang

Ren Xianliang

Mr. Ren Xianliang is the Secretary-General of World Internet Conference (WIC). He has led the organizing work of WIC Wuzhen Summit for many years. After the establishment of the WIC as an international organization, Mr. Ren Xianliang has successfully promoted the formation of the WIC Working Group on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Cross-border E-commerce. Based on these working groups, he continues exploring new ways to promote international exchanges and cooperation by building various international dialogue platforms. In 2023, led by Mr. Ren, WIC has released a number of outcomes and consensus documents, such as Developing Responsible Generative Artificial Intelligence Research Report and Consensus, and World Internet Conference AI for Social Good Action Plan(2023-2025). In recent years, Mr. Ren has actively participated and delivered keynote speeches at the major international events such as the Internet Governance Forum and the Mobile World Congress 2023 hosted by GSMA. 


As one of the main initiators of the WIC Wuzhen Summit, Mr. Ren has made great contributions to the establishment and development of the Wuzhen Summit by deepening the connotations of the conference themes, exploring innovative conference-organizing modes, and enhancing the brand influence of the conference.  


Mr. Ren Xianliang is the former Vice Minister of Cyberspace Administration of China and has held the leadership positions in the field of Internet management for a long time. He participated in the establishment of Cyberspace Administration of China, and actively promoted the formulation and implementation of a series of major policies in such areas as cyberspace administration, digital economy development and international cyberspace governance. As the former President of China Federation of Internet Societies, Mr. Ren, based on his deep insight on the extensive and profound impact of the information revolution marked by the Internet, has successfully launched a series of influential conferences and events, such as China Internet Integrity Conference, China International Digital Economic Exposition and China New E-commerce Conference. 

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