Furhat is a social robot based on years of research, engineering and design. With customisable face design, ethnicity, gender, and language, the Furhat robot makes it easy and affordable to create lifelike, expressive characters for any purpose. The Furhat Software is the conversational operating system that runs on the robot, bringing together state of the art systems in speech recognition, computer vision, speech synthesis, animation and dialogue management. Every Furhat robot also comes with our Software Development Kit, featuring a powerful suite of tools that allow you to create, deploy and analyse your applications. 

·  Human-like neck design for natural head movements

·  Full control over faces designs, gestures, and lighting 

·  Change the face design, ethnicity, gender, language – even the species 

·  Customizable, magnetically attached, faces

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    Furhat Robotics
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    World's first social robotics and conversational system platform

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