Beyond Imagination (BE) is reinventing the world’s workforce, creating a future where everyone can have a prosperous, healthy, productive, happy life. A world where every individual has access to great services, high-paying jobs, and excellent health care. A world where distance is no longer an obstacle. With the completion of its latest BEOMNI, Beyond Imagination has created the most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robotic system on the planet.

BEOMNI 1.0 is the world’s first fully functional general-purpose robotic system, enabling remote work at a high level of fidelity to be done from around the globe. Possessing a  humanlike waist, head, shoulders, arms, and hands with opposable thumbs, BEOMNI  operators can perform fine tasks ranging from picking up a pinch of salt when cooking to lifting up to 35 lbs. of weight per arm.

More than just an avatar, BEOMNI evolves over time from human-piloted to fully autonomous operation.

BEOMNI  will operate in a limitless number of verticals from medical and complex fine motor control manufacturing tasks to working in agriculture,  logistics, and eventually space construction.  Capable of operating for four hours (and soon for eight) on its rechargeable batteries,  BEOMNI is highly mobile—it goes where you need it to go, even if that requires traveling down and over curbs, or through snow, sand,  and mud.

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    World’s first fully functional general-purpose humanoid