Ahmad Butt

Ahmad Butt

Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years in finance and deep tech, as a founder, investor, operator and mentor. Most recently, founded (in 2012), scaled and exited (in 2022) a multi-billion AUM Quant Hedge Fund. LP and Exec-Chairman at Deep Science Ventures, commissioner on the Energy Transition Commission, founders circle at IFOW, a think-tank. He is also a mentor at CDL and MIT Media Labs. Ahmad is also an early stage Investor in deep tech, AI, EdTech and climate companies with 60+ investments.

Ahmad’s various companies have spun-out 40 companies in the climate, restorative agriculture, computation, life science and education sectors – from rowing back the senescence of the immune system, to resolve more than 80 inflammatory linked diseases simultaneously, to cure cystic fibrosis, to cure pediatric oncology, to regenerate soil, remove carbon from the atmosphere at a gigaton scale, produce trillions of joules of renewable fuels. Now he is trying to solve the First Of A Kind (FOAK) problem of ‘deploying and commercializing’ these novel technologies and is creating several products, including a  ‘developer-co-as-a-service’ with the Rocky Mountain Institute and a multi-stage, multi-asset FOAK Development Capital Fund

He is also trying to crack hard problems in scaling the process of invention itself and DSV has launched a new global decentralized accredited University, The Venture Science Doctorate, reinventing the PhD program for interdisciplinary combinatorial innovators, that brings venture creation to the heart of scientific research.

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    Founder, investor, operator and mentor
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