Silicon Valley’s Thriving AI for Good Startup – LIVE Pitching Session

Co-organized with Tortora Brayda, this AI for Good Innovation Factory will be showcasing five promising US entrepreneurs with promising AI ventures to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. The session will include discussions with featured mentors on topics related to social impact entrepreneurship followed by live pitching from several AI startups whose solutions can accelerate our progress to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This process will evaluate promising AI focused startups, and the best solutions will be presented as outcomes of the 2020 AI for Good Summit towards the end of the year.

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    CEO, Gorilla Corporation and Founder of Tortora Brayda™ Partnership Excellence™
    Gorilla Corporation
    Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere born in Rome, Italy in 1969, is the founder and Executive Chairman of Tortora Brayda™ Partnership Excellence™, a global Think Tank to promote collaboration. Mr. Tortora Brayda is also Chief Executive Officer of Gorilla Corporation which has its roots in several companies he founded in the 90s and re-acquired thereafter. Gorilla Corporation is a leading provider of vendor partner marketing services and technologies for the IT channel. Gorilla enables next generation partnering and helps technology vendors to measure, grow, enable, and manage their partner channel, responsible for the successful collaboration of hundreds of significant technology companies and household names. Gorilla’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, USA with local offices in Europe, MEA and APAC regions. In the ongoing spirit of Public to Private Partnerships, Mr. Tortora Brayda signed Gorilla Corporation to be a Sector D Member of the ITU to be at the forefront of internet policy making and standardization. The Tortora Brayda™ Partnership Excellence™ Think Tank is an International Organization for Partnership Development. The organization engages business, cultural, government and thought leaders worldwide to reshape and develop collaboration and partnering practices with a view to improving and securing business and economies. It is established as a not-for-profit entity and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. In 2012, Mr. Tortora Brayda was invited by the World Economic Forum to be an expert contributor to a panel in support of the G20, to explore Global Risks. Ever since then, his only focus has been on supporting Partnership Excellence in all its forms within all areas of technology growth, including the Think Tank’s core tracks: Cybersecurity, Cloud/Data Center, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Mr. Tortora Brayda, an information systems engineer with focus on Artificial Intelligence, and with his subsequent companies, has won numerous business awards including the Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year, South East of England, Shell Livewire Greatest Employment Potential, Oxfordshire Business of the Year Award presented by Boris Johnson, Guildford Mayor’s Cup, and was honored to join Queen Elizabeth II Golden Coronation private event at St James’ Palace in London.
    IoT Tribe
    Founder of IoT Tribe, Tanya has a strong track record in the conception, launch and delivery of programmes to support start-ups. An ICT PhD candidate, Tanya has over 18 years’ professional experience and is adept at forming strong partnerships, building ecosystems and managing diverse, multi-national teams. In the complex role as CEO, she has led recruitment, partnership creation and business development across the UK and Europe to help clients define their opportunities and create ecosystems for innovation. A World Economic Forum Digital Leader and Tech London Advocate, she is regularly invited to speak and host panels at digital events of the themes of entrepreneurship, open innovation and ecosystem creation e.g. Startup Europe Summit, Internet of Banking, IoT World, Huawei Ecosystem summit. Tanya is also a member of the Board for the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation and an advisory board member for Data Pitch, an accelerator focusing of the use of public data.
    Senior Managing Partner at The IPRESTIGE Emerge Fund LLC and CEO, Fallingst Technologies LLC
    The IPRESTIGE Emerge Fund LLC
    A thought leader in AI, authentication and security technologies, Joseph K. Hopkins leads an innovative emerging technologies firm that serves as a proprietary first-mover advantage IP incubation model that concentrates on growth opportunities in digital identity protection, security and advance encryption technologies to mitigate the exploitation of data privacy and data rights breaches. Mr. Hopkins authored key patent applications about network security, identity verification, content security, as well as network tracking/use verification. Additionally Joseph K. Hopkins serves as an AI SME with City.AI where the group identify needs which apply to AI ecosystems globally and set up various initiatives that foster the democratization of the design, development and use of AI. Contributing also to the UCI CDT Digital Innovation Forum which aims to become a vital center of influence, advancing the competitiveness and productivity of businesses in the digital economy and drive innovation. Prior to his AI and digital identity security work, Mr. Hopkins served in key executive management roles for Fortune 500 companies, including Kaiser Permanente, 3M, GSK, Allergan, and KPMG. His experience represents over 20 plus years of entrepreneurship, technology, global operations management and business development responsibilities largely within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.
    Principal Program Manager, Responsible AI Lead, Emerging Technology and Research Strategy Lead, Azure AI
    Sarah’s work focuses on research and emerging technology strategy for AI products in Azure. Sarah works to accelerate the adoption and positive impact of AI by bringing together the latest innovations in research with the best of open source and product expertise to create new tools and technologies. Sarah is currently leading Responsible AI for the Azure Cognitive Services. Prior to joining the Cognitive Services, Sarah lead the development of responsible AI tools in Azure Machine Learning. She is an active member of the Microsoft AETHER committee, where she works to develop and drive company-wide adoption of responsible AI principles, best practices, and technologies. Sarah was one of the founding researchers in the Microsoft FATE research group and prior to joining Microsoft worked on AI fairness in Facebook. Sarah is active contributor to the open source ecosystem, she co-founded ONNX, Fairlearn, and OpenDP’s SmartNoise was a leader in the Pytorch 1.0 and InterpretML projects. She was an early member of the machine learning systems research community and has been active in growing and forming the community. She co-founded the MLSys research conference and the Learning Systems workshops. She has a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley advised by Dave Patterson, Krste Asanovic, and Burton Smith.


09 Nov 2020


CET, Geneva
18:00 - 19:30