AIcrowd – AI for Good AI Blitz Launch

AIcrowd and AIforGood are proud to launch the 1st AI Blitz⚡- a 21-day long global artificial intelligence and machine learning competition.

We create the best solutions to our world’s challenges when innovative minds come together to solve them. With this competition, we present 5 AI puzzles themed around the Sustainable Development Goals. With starter codes created just for you, compete, discuss, and don’t forget to learn while you are at it! Whether you are an AI expert or just getting started, there is something for each one of you! (and there are prizes too!)

AI Blitz⚡ launches on August 14th with a webinar and will feature AIcrowd Founder & CEO Mohanty Sharada and his colleagues who will take us through all the puzzles and the journey of creating them.

Don’t miss the launch!

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    CEO & Co-Founder
    AIcrowd is a platform for streamlining your AI workflow - internally, or externally, by running AI, machine learning, and other data science challenges. AIcrowd helps organizations - whether businesses, universities, government agencies or NGOs - develop, manage, and promote their challenges. AIcrowd streamlines your machine learning workflow, and connects your problems with machine learning and data science specialists and enthusiasts, who will collaboratively try to find the most accurate, efficient and effective solutions.


21 Aug 2020


CEST, Geneva