Global data pledge launch – A foundation for tomorrow

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Global data pledge launch – A foundation for tomorrow

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  • Data is old news, or is it?
    After decades of global efforts of handling and sharing data, are we that far along?
    The current pandemic and other world crises underscore the need for our improved response to humanity’s greatest challenges. AI and Data have the potential to help us identify and develop solutions to address these challenges. Open data charters have established principles around sharing data and its usage by anyone, anywhere.

    However, our ability to act is impacted by how we can collectively make data available when it matters. If you want to help change this, your active participation is welcome.

    Join us, Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, Amir Banifatemi, General Manager and Chief Innovation Officer at XPRIZE, Richard St-Pierre, executive Vice-Chairman at C2 and our partners the UN, ITU, XPRIZE, and the AI for Good Summit community.

    The Global Data Pledge is a key step in addressing these issues. Under the Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons, the mission of the Global Data Pledge is to help identify, help support and make available data as a common global resource.

    This first session will discuss the aims of the Global Data Pledge, including its approach towards establishing a multilateral system for data resource sharing.

    Complete the form to contribute to the workgroups introduced during the webinar here

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