2023 tinyML Challenge Finale

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2023 tinyML Challenge Finale

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  • The 2023 tinyML Challenge (second edition) comprised of 3 problem statements which seeks to develop cost-effective, low-power, reliable, accurate, easy to install tinyML solutions for; 

    • Next-Gen tinyML Smart Weather Station 
    • Crop disease detection 
    • Wildlife monitoring 

    This webinar will cover presentation from best teams of these problem statements and top solutions will be announced at the end of the session to recognize their outstanding performance.    

    Cash Prizes: The ITU AI/ML Challenge (tinyML Challenge) together with partners has set up prize pools of different sizes to reward outstanding teams totaling to 2,000 CHF. 

    Edge Impulse sponsored $3’000 to be distributed amongst top-3 teams of the Next-Gen tinyML Smart Weather Station 

    The Winners are as follows;

    Problem Statement: Plant Disease Detection

    1. Tiny Mono – Winner (1st place) Prize: 500 CHF – Mohanasundaram SV, Purushothaman R, and Ramasamy Srinivasagan
    2. Underdawgs – Runner-up (2nd place) Prize: 300 CHF – Sudharshan N, Saran Sundar S, Rohith S, and Raagav S R

    Problem Statement: Wildlife Monitoring

    1. AI4D Lab – Winner (1st place) Prize: 500 CHF – Fatma Issa, Jabhera Matogoro, Zephania Reuben, Ramadhani Massawe, Rogers Kalunde, Paul Mkai, Madaraka Marco Masasi, Ipyana Issah Mwaisekwa
    2. ADN Innovators – Runner-up (2nd place) Prize: 300 CHF – Abhay Bhosle
    3. Underdawgs – Third place (3rd place) Prize: 200 CHF – Sudharshan N, Saran Sundar S, Rohith S, Ch Leela Sri, and Jayaprakash M 
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