2023 ITU GeoAI Challenge Finale: Location Mention Recognition

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2023 ITU GeoAI Challenge Finale: Location Mention Recognition

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  • The ITU GeoAI Challenge aims to provide a platform for collaboratively addressing real-world geospatial problems by applying artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

    Within the ITU GeoAI Challenge the goal of the Location Mention Recognition from social media Crisis-related Text problem statement is to encourage the development of systems for Location Mention Recognition (LMR) from microblogs during emergencies. These automatic systems are anticipated to support the relief activities that are executed by response authorities during disasters.  

    The best teams from the 2023 competition will showcase their solutions be awarded​ during this session and receive certificates to recognize their outstanding performance.   

    Cash Prizes: The ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge has set up prize pools of different sizes to reward outstanding teams. 


    17:00-17:05 Introductory remarks on the 2023 GeoAI LMR Competition  (ITU) 

    17:05-17:15 Remarks from hosts of the 2022 GeoAI LMR Competition (Qatar) 

    17:15-17:45 Best solution pitches by Teams 

    17:45-17:55 Award announcements: prizes and certificates (Qatar) 

    17:55-18:00 Outlook-The GeoAI LMR Competition in 2023 (Qatar, ITU) 

    Location Mention Recognition Prizes;

    1. moadel2002 – Winner (1st place) Prize: 500 CHF – Mohamed Adel
    2. Nabarup – Runner-up (2nd place) Prize: 300 CHF – Nabarup Maity
    3. Professor – Third place (3rd place) Prize: 200 CHF – Victor Olufemi
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