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Discussing the future of Robotics for Good at the AI for Good Global Summit 2023

Global Summit | Robotics for Good

The AI for Good Global Summit 2023, taking place July 6-7, is a highly anticipated event in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Two years after the launch of the Robotics for Good programming track, the return to the in-person Summit will host the “Robotics for Good” zone, in partnership with KUKA, where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with more than 30 cutting-edge robots and their human creators.

“The AI for Good Global Summit 2023 is a unique opportunity to bring together the Robotics for Good community to discuss what are the top priorities and challenges to overcome to meet the SDGs by 2030 by leveraging the use of robots in society. The exhibition will highlight autonomous robots and drones that have been carefully selected for their high positive impact towards the SDGs”, said Guillem Martínez Roura, AI and Robotics Programme Coordinator at the International Telecommunication Union.

The Robotics for Good stage will feature live demonstrations of AI-powered robotic solutions, as well as Keynotes and Panel Discussions that will provide an in-depth look at how robots are being used to make a positive impact on the world. Participants will be able to see these robots in action, learn about their capabilities and limitations, and discuss with robotics experts themselves how to shape the future of robotics for social good.

The Robotics for Good exhibition floor will consist of interactive and inversive exhibits, including eight humanoid social robots and over 25 specialized robots, brought together for the first time under the same roof. The robots will showcase capabilities ranging from assisting in disaster management, providing affordable housing, performing inspection and maintenance tasks in harsh environments, monitoring crops, harvesting fruits, fostering hand-writing learning in young children, or helping in physical rehabilitation.

The event also aims to connect AI and robotics innovators with problem owners. In this regard, more than 40 UN partners will participate in the Summit, ready to discuss how the combination of AI and robotics has the potential to be a game-changer in ensuring timely and more efficient operations in their daily activities.

The future of Robotics for Good has landed in Geneva. Don’t miss out the chance to meet over 30 ground-breaking robots and their human creators through interactive exhibits, talks and showcases in Geneva.

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