AI for Us – together for gender inclusive AI

Check EQUALS: The Global Partnership to Close the Gender Digital Divide.
The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2020

What is AI for Us?

We are a dedicated programme, part of the AI for Good Global Summit, which brings lightning talks, skill sharing and intimate conversations on exploring AI biases.

Our full programme will be made available soon.

Where does it take place?

From 5-8 May 2020, at the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. Look for the AI for Us Lounge area and take part in our activities.

Mentorship Clinics

Mentorship Clinics are a series of pre-scheduled 20 minutes long one on one meeting between you and our high level mentors in the field of AI.

Mentorship Clinics focus on three areas:
  • GROW: Are you a new professional interested to learn how to get into AI? Are you curious about personal branding and growth? Than this is the right mentorship focus area for you.
  • LEADERSHIP: Are you interested to learn more about the art of leading a team or an entire company? Do you want to learn more about company strategy and growth? Than this is the right mentorship focus area for you.
  • TECHNICAL: Are you an AI expert, researcher, enthusiast who is looking to discuss specific AI related issues? Do you want to have a conversation and idea exchange on today’s AI issues? Than this is the right mentorship focus area for you.

1. What are we looking in a potential mentor?

Any women working in areas related to AI at the operational level, but also as creators (including entrepreneurs) and management level, willing to provide advice in 20 minutes to other women that are curious on how to grow in the AI sector, be a leader or better manager, or have a very technical conversation on AI.

2. What should be the minimum experience in the AI field?

Min. 5 years

3. Are we looking for mentors who have experience on management or leadership?


4. Is the idea that they meet mentees for 20min?

Yes. The mentor and mentee are free to follow bilateral conversations after this initial interaction, but for the purpose of AI for Us lounge the time will be of 20 minutes

5. Do the mentors should commit for a minimum time for the mentorship?

Yes, depending on the availability of the mentor she can participate for one day, only a few hours, or different days different times. This will be sort it out once the mentors and mentees are selected and potential schedules organized.

6. Do you provide funding for mentors?

We do not provide funding to support travel/accommodation or other expenses of our mentors.