Office of Special Adviser to the Secretary-General (UN)


AI brings enormous benefits to the digital era, but it can also significantly compromise the safety and agency of users worldwide. Enhanced multi-stakeholder efforts on global AI cooperation are needed to help build global capacity for the development and use of AI in a manner that is trustworthy, human rights-based, safe and sustainable, and promotes peace.

Description of Activities on AI

Project 1: Expert seminar on artificial intelligence and the right to privacy

As part of the follow-up to the Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, the Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary General is coordinating the implementation of the Secretary-General’s proposal to establish a multi-stakeholder advisory body on global artificial intelligence cooperation. The body will provide guidance on artificial intelligence that is trustworthy, human-rights based, safe and sustainable, and promotes peace. The advisory body will bring a diverse group of relevant entities in the AI landscape to address issues around inclusion, coordination, and capacity-building by sharing and promoting best practices, as well as exchanging views on artificial intelligence standardization and compliance efforts.

Related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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