AI for Road Safety

AI has great potential to increase road safety and access to mobility for all.

The focus of this new initiative will be to harness the value of AI in enhancing the safe system approach to road safety, with the caveat that the initiative would be applicable to low- and middle- income countries, where most of the road fatalities and injuries occur.

The role of AI in the following areas will be explored:

  • road safety data and regulatory frameworks
  • safer vehicles
  • road infrastructure
  • post-crash response


The AI for Road Safety initiative is in line with the UN General Assembly Resolution (UN A/RES/74/299) on Improving global Road Safety, which highlights the role of innovative automotive and digital technologies, as well as in line with the UN Secretary General’s roadmap on digital cooperation. The new initiative will also support achieving the UN SDG target 3.6 to halve by 2030 the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents, and the SDG Goal 11.2 to provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all by 2030.

Envisioned Activities

Spotlight – AI for Road Safety launch event!!

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AI for Autonomous and assisted driving

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